Turbodex offers new digital distribution channels for the asset management industry

Turbodex seeks to match a fund with corresponding investor profiles.

Our Risk Matching Algorithms characterise an investment fund in terms of its underlying risk profile and use statistical techniques to identify suitable investors.

Take control: employ your own evidence based marketing campaigns

Turbodex’s mission is to empower fund marketers to fully participate in the FinTech revolution.

Are you a hedge fund looking for institutional investors?

Are you in the sales and marketing department of an asset management firm looking for new ways of gaining clients?

Are you a large asset management firm trying to reach out to financial advisors in Europe and Canada?

Are you in product development and trying to better understand the client base for your funds?

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STEP 1: Matching Funds With Investor Profiles

Fund characteristics
Capital Appreciation/Preservation

Investor profiles
Net worth
Risk tolerance
Investment goals
Behaviours, Interests…

Matching is done using 2 methodologies simultaneously:

« Bottom up » – Turbodex builds a unique profile from a fund manager’s CRM information and investor insights which are all tested against each other to establish correlations and leading patterns

« Top down »  – Smart data sources & models segment potential investors into groups according to the investment product or fund. Variables analysed include demographics, wealth, location, education, memberships, online behaviour, investor experience…

STEP 2: Data Driven Campaigns

    • Investor profiles updated in real-time for onmi-channel marketing
    • Plan, price, manage on Demand Side Platforms using machine-learning solutions for achieving performance targets

STEP 3: Conversion

Enriching data
Enriching the asset manager’s investor profile and provide new leads leveraging smart complimentary data sources, digital media analytics and online marketing techniques.

Marketing campaigns
Coordinate with sales & marketing teams on how best to communicate and engage investors to convert these leads into AuM (channel, direct sales, surveys, promotions, conferences, research, targeted display ads…).
Value ladder
Analyze the entire sales funnel and see how to best migrate clients from initiation (promotional offers) to completion (conversion into investors in your funds).