Our Mission

Welcome to Turbodex an evidence based marketing company that harnesses big data to help you, the asset manager, target the right kind of investor for your funds whilst helping to convert these potential clients into investors in your funds.

Turbodex’s mission is to empower Fund Marketers to fully participate in the FinTech revolution.

Take control, employ your own evidence based marketing campaigns



Turbodex was created by asset managers for asset managers. We offer a playbook to help you find new investors, match new investors with your funds and finally help with conversion into AuM.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3:


Step 1: Data governance

To start things off we audit your firm's data assets, process, 'data lake' and how best to use the data it controls so as to establish clear and defined workflows.

Our main goal is to understand which message is suitable, to whom, at which optimal time and through which channel.

Step 2: Optimised machine learning solutions

Once your data is anonymised, we’ll delve a bit more into client segmentation and categorisation to try and detect relationships and trends. We’ll then write the algorithms that we need to help focus on the applicable data sources and the best way to profile your investors.

We also work with specialized 3rd party data providers and social media companies to build clear and usable investor profiles.

Step 3: Programmatic marketing

In a purely automated way, this step plans, prices, forecasts, and manages the campaign on different formats (display, video, social, mobile). For each fund profile we can devise the given marketing plan and determine budget, KPIs, channels, cost per lead and forecasts.

At Turbodex, we build data-driven tools to help you take full control of your marketing needs.